Health Care Compact: Let States Take the Reins

A creative way to return health care to the states.

The Health Care Compact is an exciting proposal to devolve federal health care spending to the states. Every state should sign on. I explain why at United Liberty.

Published: May 16, 2014.

Author: Dean Clancy.

One Reply to “Health Care Compact: Let States Take the Reins”

  1. Dean,

    Excellent concept and project.

    How are you?

    I presume this compact could be used for devolving welfare to the states. As you know welfare has expanded, and the 1996 reforms have been basically obliterated. Only community involvement and control can stop the federal disaster.

    Both health and welfare would be a great project for SPN. I sent your article on the health compact to Tracie Sharp.

    Ted Abram

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