Introducing Caitlin Clancy, a Bright and Promising New Author

I will confess to being a bit biased. This “bright and promising new author” is my daughter, Caitlin. Today, she made her literary debut, with a blog of her own, Caitliceach Cailín.

This site—the name is Gaelic for “Catholic Girl”—will be the publishing platform for Cait’s first novel, The Mithe-Hart. It’s a magical fantasy-adventure, the story of a young girl in an ancient Celtic land who must undertake a thrilling quest. Yes, I am biased. But the story is wonderfully conceived and well written, with few of the cliches of the genre. I predict it will find a ready audience among youthful readers—and those of all ages—who love a good, heart-pounding adventure.

Watch out, literary world. The lovely Caitlin Clancy has arrived, galloping on horseback, her long brown hair flowing behind her, a literary bow in one hand, a brilliant pen in the other—and boldly aiming straight for fame.

Published: August 5, 2012.

Author: Dean Clancy.

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